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Caistor Market 5AM

The first stall sets up

From a CREATED-in-CAMERA street photography walk.

A few days ago one of my favourite street photographers, the French women who lives in America wrote to me to talk about the concept of Contemplative Photography, if you haven’t seen her work click here and have a look, but remember to come back here afterwards, don’t please forget me. Valerie links this concept with Objet du Jour which means ‘Object of the day’ and also ‘Object of the light’.

I was thinking about Contemplative photography as I went for a 5am walk this Saturday. When you read further into the concept it is also referred to as ‘Miksang’ a Tibetan word meaning ‘Good Eye’, although I’m never sure what people mean by having a good eye as I believe photography comes from many different aspects, and the eye is simply the servant of those things.

I spoke to the lady on the lone market stall, to ask if she was okay for me to take photographs, and she said she was. I asked her if it was going to be a busy market that day, but she said she only knew that she was there, and she would find out who was going to share the space with her, when they turned up.

As I walked through the town I watched the Caistor birds play. The moon kept popping out from the behind the clouds. The real sky was not so blue as how I saw it to be.

  • All images taken with the Fuji X-Pro 2 and 35mm f2 lens.
  • Composed in camera as square images
  • Only the slightest post-production applied


  • Freda

    Love these. I find it hard to believe they are straight out of camera, but wow I love them

  • I love the peace and sense of calm before the rush, very evocative photos.

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