Camera towards Lincoln

Camera towards Lincoln

They say Lincolnshire is flat, although I guess the name ‘Waterhills’ suggests its not. 

We decided to take a drive and a walk to get some images overlooking the land where Waterhills is situated and found a vantage point on the Riby Road (A1173) just a few hundred yards off the Grimsby Road (A46).

When I write ‘vantage point’ the views were stunning, but with fields full of corn and the hills being in a dip we could not see evidence of them at all. It is not surprising the Romans built a garrison at Caistor .

Although there is very little evidence of The Romans being at Caistor now, other than things like a blue heritage plaque on a metal fence in front of what was part of the Roman wall near St Peter and St Paul Church there has been a lot of research made into their times. For example click here

  • All images taken with the Fuji X-Pro 2 and 35mm f2 lens.
  • Composed in camera as square images
  • Only the slightest post-production applied